M. Crescenzi: “Fair Working” – beyond Smart Working. Work less, work better, work (almost) all.

Article by Marco Crescenzi, President of Social Change School Is it still sustainable to work 8 hours a day? 8 hours that of course become 10-11 between lunch breaks, transport, and small overtime. Hours that end up stressing and depressing couples,...
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EDITORIAL. Education First: social commitment and certification – by Marco Crescenzi

Our Mission 1997-2019: EDUCATION FIRST. The radicalisation of the political environment in many European countries and the growth of intolerance spurred many people into action, leading them to take “stronger” decisions when it comes to involvement...
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EDITORIAL. Let’s fight together! 17th of November, International Students’ Day. – A comment by M. Crescenzi

On the occasion of the International Students’ Day, celebrated on the 17th of November, and the Athens Polytechnic Students uprising, we receive by Marco Crescenzi, Social Change School’s President, an important reflection on how the role of the School...
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Nonprofit’s most wanted: fundraising, communication, social campaigns specialists – an article by M. Crescenzi

di Marco Crescenzi, Presidente Social Change School Fundraising professions today are the most wanted in nonprofit and a consistent opportunity for those coming from the “for-profit” sector. Oddly, the problem is that in this sector demand exceeds...
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EDITORIAL. Our 2018 road so far…

More than a semester has come and gone since the beginning of 2018 and we are already in August, looking back at what we have accomplished so far. Like every year, our road has been rich of successes and challenges, both greeted with acceptance and gratitude,...
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We are the future- The future of Nonprofit is built on excellence

The “Social Talent Scholarship Programme” has been successful beyond expectations, from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view. Dozens of young adults of great talent “emerged”, youngsters who at the age of 25 have already travelled...
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