EDITORIAL. Education First: social commitment and certification – by Marco Crescenzi

Our Mission 1997-2019: EDUCATION FIRST.

The radicalisation of the political environment in many European countries and the growth of intolerance spurred many people into action, leading them to take “stronger” decisions when it comes to involvement and career.

This translated into a record of enrolments in our Master HOPE – Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies, all people who want to become managers in humanitarian emergencies. Right when migrants are seen as a social problem and an opportunity for political speculation, many are saying “no way” and are standing up, siding with us.

Social Change School as never been as appreciated as in 2018, not only for the quality of the training it provides, but also for its social role and political standing in a broader sense: favouring a well-done integration of migrants, a precious and potential resource.

Migrants are strong and independent people, tough and willing to do good. They can bring a great prospective benefit to this lazy, old Europe. Just by doing some very cynical math, we would need 200 million migrants from now to 2050 in order to pay for the retirement of the people who don’t want them here today. For example, in Italy in 2050, the ratio between retired and working people will be 1 to 1: and that’s completely crazy! (the maximum we could sustain would be 5 to 1).

We are the ones who should value this “treasure” of people that could make the difference, or – if we manage them poorly – they could be brought to desperation and we could after all make them a viper in our bosom.

Besides social recognition, the School also received many remarkable accreditations and certifications. The last one was from HPass, which represents the global standards for humanitarian learning and assessment providers in humanitarian action and international cooperation, and helped us become one of the few Institutions certified in humanitarian and development training.
Next to this recognition, we should also mention the EFA Certification (from the European Fundraising Association), which guarantees Excellence in Fundraising Training, and the PMD and Sphere Standards Certifications.

This also means being able to better “certify the work” of our fellows on higher international standards and preparing high level professionals for the field, who are able to make the difference.

We are more and more engaged in Africa, with our Executive Master MIDHA, reserved for senior executives in the field of emergency and development, with students from many African countries.

Besides our partnerships with European NGOs, we have started many important collaborations – even symbolic ones – for social leadershipEDITORIAL. Education First: social commitment and certification - by Marco Crescenzi development, like with the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and picturing in the future one with the “group” of Malala as well.

High quality training as social and civil commitment.

TO EDUCATE is also “to integrate”, to be with, “lead” – “ex-ducere”/draw out the best – so that it can be put to the service of society. TO TRAIN for us is to shape (professionally) the dreams of those who want to change the world.

Education first: After 21 years, this still is our wonderful mission.

Happy holidays and a very happy 2019 of dedication and satisfaction for all.

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