Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies


Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistics in the field

Leader in Europe, since 2014 at its 11th Edition

Training provided in blended formula: eLearning + workshops

96% EMPLOYMENT WITHIN ONE YEAR in the main European NGOs, in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Ready for the field?

  • In collaboration with: UNHRD‘s base in Brindis(for Field Experience – also with Intersos and AMREF)
  • Supported by: Intersos, Amref, Save the Children, Oxfam, AVSI Foundation, MSF, ACOSVO, COOPI, CESVI.
  • Employment rate: 96% by the end of the Master and 50% employed in the organization hosting the training period (Official data: August 2016 Follow up).
  • Didactic centres: Madrid, Rome
  • Students: since 2014 approximately 100 HOPE students are now working all over the world
  • Certifications: Sphere Standards, PMD-Project Management for Development Professionals.

    The blended formula, partly based on eLearning platform with monthly workshops during the weekends, allows presence for those who work or in general cannot afford to waste another year in a classroom.


    • Master starting: December 2021
    • 1000 hours, 12 months
    • eLearning + 22 workshops in 6 long weekends (approximately once a month) in Rome, Madrid 
    • TRAINING PERIOD ON THE FIELD: 3-6 Months paid by Social Change School in Africa, Asia, or Latin America, at a field office of an organisation of the sector, at the end of the Master course.
    • Group Project Work
    • Career Development Service
    • Matching – Presenting your profile to NGOs in Europe and outside id so requested.

    Download the programme for more information regarding the didactic structure, contents, dates and lecturers!


    1. Ready for the field: Social Change School and some big international NGOs gave life to HOPE in 2014 in order to address the lack of a truly international training programme, sufficiently long (a year is barely enough) and complex,also through field simulation and field experience phases.
    2. Certifications: Sphere Standards, PMD – Project Management for Development Professionals. Social Change School is among the first institutions in the world to be recognized as HPass Learning Provider.
    3. Full Employment: 96% of employment in the Non Profit by the end of the Master; 50% after 6 months (Official data: August 2016 Follow up). HOPE has the objective to respond to the need of the sector by offering concrete job prospects in the rapidly growing market of humanitarian emergencies.
    4. Internationality: HOPE is an International Programme, with European (and not only European) lecturers and students, that unites quality, accessibility (affordable cost + scholarships) and flexibility (thanks to the eLearning + workshops formula, that makes it easier to attend).
    5. Experience, History and Worldwide Network of the School: in a historical moment that sees humanitarian emergency become the new training business, the School provides its experience, contacts, relations, international community and the helpfulness of hundreds of fellows around the world.
    6. Management skills: if you were sitting on a table to negotiate your project with the Talibans, what would you say and how would you do it? Are you able to pitch with a Company, or present the project to a Foundation? The managerial development feature “secures” you, allowing you to have basic skills in Conflict Management, Negotiation, Stress Management, Assertiveness, Public Speaking, Time and Organization Management.
    7. TRAINING PERIOD ON THE FIELD: 3-6 Months paid by Social Change School in Africa, Asia, or Latin America, at a field office of an organisation of the sector, at the end of the Master course. A fantastic opportunity to start your career on the field. About 50% of the students who do the Training Period, continue to work in the host organisation. The amount (until 1500 euros) paid by the School is normally given directly to the NGO partners in charge of organizing and paying for travel, insurance, accommodation.

    Be the change! Can you see the Master as a powerful lever for social change? For us and the NGOs it is. We believe that your professional commitment is fundamental to enhance the quality of NGOs. We believe that you, with your passion and professionalism, can be the change for the lives of thousands of people. We do not consider you as a student, but as a social activist, a rights’ defender, a person interested not only in “doing projects” but in changing systems: a heavily committed “social” professional.

    Do you find yourself in this description? Do you feel you can have the right potential to be the change? Book the admission and evaluation interview with Marco Crescenzi or one of our advisers, who directly take care of the selection and admission process for your benefit (for a right choice), the NGOs’ (on your human and professional quality) and of course for the good name of the School – represented by each of its fellows, all over the world.

    Download the Master Programme and ask for an admission and evaluation interview


    Master Director Tanja Berretta, Humanitarian aid senior expert and previously manager for international organizations like UNHCR, Oxfam and Plan International.
    Senior Adviser

    Sandro CalvaniDirector of UNI CRI, UNODC Representative, UN and Caritas Coordinator. Senior Advisor for Strategic Planning at MAE Fah Luang Foundation.
    President the Scientific Committee at Social Change School.

    Lodovico  Mariani, Senior expert in international cooperation and humanitarian aid. Former Finance and Administrative Director of AMREF Health Africa Italia.


    Greta Tommesani

    Career Development Federica De Benedittis, Head of Career Development

    Donna Ratier Kimberley, Admin Officer
    Matias Rodriguez, Admin Officer


    Save the Children UK, INTERSOS, Oxfam, UNHCR, Amnesty International UK, UNICEF Italia, AIRC,  Telethon, COOPI – International Cooperation, WorldVision, Medici Senza Frontiere Italia, The CHS Alliance, EMEA, British Red Cross, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Save the Children Italia, Save the Children International, Association CooperAction Onlus, Euclid Network, Amref Health Africa Italy, Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD), NGO International Rescue Committee, Médicos del Mundo España, Médecins du Monde, Agriterra, Humentum, Bioforce, IASC, OCHA, Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, Amnesty International Italia, UNDP, Handicap International, Plan International, Ricerca e Cooperazione, ESCOACHING, Save the Children España, MSF Belgium, Cancer Research UK, Sphere Focal Point, Santa Rita da Cascia Foundation onlus, TechSoup’s Italian division, Guardavanti: futuro dei bambini ONLUS, Federal Commission of Mexico on Human Rights, UN Commission on Human Rights, Liberi di credere, Oxfam Italia, VIS, Germany’s Relief Coalition, Young Foundation, Cocoon Projects, Association for Peace, Caritas, Ucodep, CIR (Consiglio Italiano Rifugiati), Assoforr, ISFOL, Fondazione Di Liegro, Opera Sante de Sanctis, Coop. Wipala, Liberi Nantes, Opera Don Guanella, Astirforma, Mission Bambini Foundation,, GoFundMe, Cure3Children, Cure Thalassemia, Greenpeace Italia, Libera Associazioni, Type B (Social Cooperative), Federsolidarietà Confcooperative, UNDESA, MAE, AGIRE, Action Aid, CDAC, DEC, ECB project, Amnesty International Italia, Italian Foundation for volunteers, Aster-X, Cesvi, GVC, SoS Villaggi dei Bambini, Terre des Hommes, ZaLab association, NATO, VOICE, PRIME Italia, International Commission of Jurist, Italian Red Cross, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RedR-UK, Nesta, EU Commission, ASEAN Centre of Excellence on United Nations Millennium Development Goals (ARCMDG), UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), UN Coordinator for the fight against Aids in  Asia and in the Pacific area, UNODC, FAO, World Food Program (WFP), IFAD, Fodanzione CENSIS, Associazione RUR, European Neighbourhood Working Group at Bond

    Some of our main partners that participate in the Master’s realization

    Supported since 2015 by ACOSVO – Rete dei Leader del Terzo Settore in Scozia.

    … and by more than 200 organizations that host interns all over the world.


    • The Sphere Handbook (Sphere)
    • HPASS Humanitarian Learning Standards
    • Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) (Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action)
    • Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS)
    • Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (SEEP Network)
    • Minimum Standards for Education (Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies)
    • Minimum Standard for Market Analysis (Cash Learning Partnership/CaLP)
    • Humanitarian inclusion standards for older people and people with disabilities (HelpAge International/ADCAP)


    Download the Master Programme and ask for an admission and evaluation interview


    The Field Experience represents the moment of application in the field of knowledge and techniques learned during the course of the Master. 3-4 days of real and direct field experience in collaboration with an NGO.

    Since 2015, the Field Experience of Master HOPE has taken place at the UNHRD Base in Brindisi and consists in three intense days during which our students participate in a humanitarian emergency simulation in order to test the knowledge and competencies acquired during the Master. They face various complex and challenging situations, collaborating with colleagues and interfacing with stakeholders to implement a humanitarian response.

    Read the full report of the last field experience: MASTER HOPE: great success of the Field Experience at the UNHRD base in Brindisi


    Social Change School has always worked closely with the HRM and managers of the sector. The Masters are co-projected with the Masters’ directors and managers of the non profit sectorand are constantly updated by means of surveys concerning the competences and required professional profiles at international level.

    The Career Development is one of the qualifying processes of the Master, one of the most comprehensive in the world in thoroughness of assistance and number of partners. An experience that, to use our students’ words, “changes your life”. Find out how it works.

    Find out how it works

    Download the Master Programme and ask for an admission and evaluation interview

    Since 1960 and until now, humanitarian emergencies have grown, reaching in the 5 years between 2008 and 2012 around 2 million of people victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters.
    The specific competencies of the professionals managing emergencies have become increasingly important to effectively respond to humanitarian emergencies. The mission of our Master is to train, through an international approach, professionals and managers working in the field of humanitarian assistance. 

    The Master is addressed to those who wish to acquire the competencies and knowledge to act in a responsible and effective way in the prevention and management of emergency response operations in order to reduce the damage caused by disasters and complex emergencies. 

    Master HOPE in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies is mostly addressed to professionals aspiring to work with humanitarian agencies (United Nations, NGOs, Red Cross, Government Agencies) in the field of humanitarian aid and response to disasters and complex emergencies.
    More specifically:

    1. Humanitarian operators that, after working in the field for some years, want to review and update their training and theoretical competencies
    2. Operators with different backgrounds, practical experience and a strong personal motivation that wish to enter the humanitarian sector (Red Cross or civil protection volunteers, Professionals in the field of Development Cooperation, educators)
    3. Young graduates with a degree in a relevant subject or professionals with different educational or working experience background, also as volunteers in relevant fields, and that wish to enter the market of emergencies. 

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