HOPE – Humanitarian Project Manager

The profile is sought by humanitarian International and National NGOs and by the United Nations agencies intervening in natural disaster and man-made crises.
Emergency actions respond to hazardous situations, that represents a critical threat to the health, safety or wellbeing of a community. In 2022, estimated 274 million people worldwide were dependent on humanitarian aid: from Afghanistan to Ethiopia and Yemen to Myanmar and Syria. Never before has the suffering worldwide been so great. These areas were hit by exceptional and un/foreseeable causes which resulted in a situation of emergency.
The Manager of humanitarian aid projects has the overall responsibility of the project implementation. He/her works in the field, coordinating the overall action of the project and the project team’s members, ensuring quality of intervention. He/Her is responsible for planning and coordinating activities, budgeting, managing of project human resources, reporting and external relations linked to the project implementation. He/her supports monitoring and evaluation, and safety and security management.

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