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Meet our Students: Davide Celio

In a world where International cooperation is more crucial than ever, the journey of those who dedicate their lives to fostering global partnerships can be both inspiring and enlightening. Through our Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies (HOPE), we pride ourselves on cultivating leaders who are not only equipped with

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Meet our Staff: Donna Ratier

Also today we present to you a member of our staff, who with her work is a strategic point of Social Change School. Donna Ratier is our Administration and HR Manager. After graduating in Law, she became a lawyer, specializing in animal rights and penal law, while working in the field of administration and

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Meet our Staff: Mamon Khalaf

A valuable school is made up of valuable people and we are keen to introduce you to all of them, starting with our staff. Today we give the floor to Mamon Khalaf, our HOPE (Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies) Master Coordinator, who will tell us a little more about himself and

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Collective intelligence: scientific definitions

By  Elena Maria Crescenzi, Psychologist, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Crescenzi&Partners collaborator in the AI sector. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Collective Intelligence Definitions Biologically Interesting Open innovation Collective Intelligence in Social Web Applications Psychology __________________________________________________________________________________________ Collective Intelligence COLLECTIVE: “describes a group of individuals who are not required to have the same attitudes or viewpoints.

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Social Business: A Sustainable Solution for Social Problems

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards businesses that prioritize social and environmental impact, in addition to financial gain. This model of business, known as Social Business, was coined by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who is also the inventor of microcredit and founder of Grameen Bank

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