‘Our students, people who really make a difference’!

The Social Change School has a broad range of students and professionals, who emerged from different academic and professional spheres with their ages ranging betweeen 25-55 years old.

Social Change School is a life changing experience. We add value to our students by introducing new approaches, ideas, and a desire to take up challenges. The members of staff and lecturers are very committed and this gives the need boost the students require.

- Lucio Valdata, ex manager for profit. Attuale Fundraiser.

Some students are professionals who curently work in the Non Profit sector but are willing to improve their specialization; while the other group of professionals previously worked in the Profit Sector or Public Administration but sought to do things differently by changing their life around. Some of them are managers, who are in search of new opportunities, took up new challenges. These professionals had outstanding professional profiles and a wide network of contacts, which granted them the opportunity chances of building a new career after attending our Master course at Social Change School .

 Our students are carefully selected and admitted for the Master Program through a one-on- one interview, this allows us to properly assess the person’s educational and professional background, motivation and job opportunities in the sector for the specific profile.

 Students are selected by Social Change School Didactic Staff.


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