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Do you want to enrol in our Masters and discover your career prospects? Do you wish to comprehend your strengths and weaknesses? Do you want to find out how we could build your professional profile and what your path could look like? Request a meeting of analysis of your potential with Marco Crescenzi*, Social Change School President, or another professional of the sector and member of Social Change School’s staff.

In SCS, from the very first meeting with you, we promote the development of your competences and abilities, as we are convinced that people working in the Nonprofit sector need to be complete professionals of great humanity and extensive technical skills. We evaluate your resources, your motivations, your suitability to work in an international environment, possible internal or external obstacles, your long-term objectives and the strategies to achieve them, to help you reach your personal goals and positively contribute to the sector.

With this approach we will help you organize a new path based on criteria of effectiveness and efficiency. We promote your change.

To attend the meeting, we request a solidarity contribution 48€, which is completely destined to the Scholarships Fund for equal opportunity.

These interviews are among the best experiences in my career. Since 1997, I believe I have done many thousands of them, and I got to professionally “launch” hundreds of fantastic human beings that are now professionals and managers in the sector. The interview is very thorough because it is needed to protect the candidate from unwise decisions, but also to guarantee the maximum quality of the admitted profiles to the School and to our partner organizations.  We look for people who are able to have a good professional and social impact. (Marco Crescenzi)

*Marco Crescenzi is Founder and President of Social Change School and Co-Founder of Euclid Network, Association of European Non Profit Managers (London/Paris 2006). He is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He collaborates with many European NGOs (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany) and Africa. He is specialized in Social psychology, Nonprofit management and journalism.

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