EDITORIAL. While the West is ashamed, we are working

After what happened in Aleppo, I think that we are all ashamed, especially towards European and international institutions.

This shame was expressed with maximum drama, from the field by Lucy Aarish, an Israelite-Arabian-Muslim in a video of great impact, that deserves to be seen, and afterwards in the articles by Bernard Harry Levy.

We – the School, our professionals, lecturers, feel angry rather than ashamed, we have more willingness to act than to be depressed. To the shame of the intellectuals and of their inviolable right of denunciation, we prefer reports from the field like the one from Lucy, and above all the constant presence of the NGOs in the most dramatic moments. Today (for better or for worse.), the difference is not made by articles, intellectual’s stances, but from the images, stories, donations.

We are men and women who “do not close their eyes”, quoting Kostas Moschochorits from INTERSOS, and each of us differently, as professionals in the different forms of work in the sector, or journalists, or other, we try to give our best. For us, the best is to train new ruling classes, honest, prepared, and incisive.

Happy holidays, happy rest to who can afford it and Happy New Year- to be re-built as best as we can- to all of you.


Picture: Aleppo, retrieved from NBC news


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