EDITORIAL. Why Master FRAME? - by Marco Crescenzi

EDITORIAL. Why Master FRAME? – by Marco Crescenzi

Master FRAME – Fundraising, Cultural Philanthropy & Advancement can create concrete employment opportunities not only for those interested in traditional fundraising (the one for NGOs), but also for cultural institutions, a staggeringly large field. While funds destined to culture have been decreasing, the number of organizations in need of an internal Fundraiser/Philanthropy office has been growing. Therefore, the demand for qualified professionals is also growing.

The interest and love Europeans have for culture is strong, as demonstrated lately by mass donations after the emergencies of Notre-Dame de Paris and Venice. History tells the same story, as indicated by the magnificent Cathedral of Milan, XIII century, realized with micro-donations by Milan residents. That was the first crowdfunding in history.

Taking Italy as an example, in the last three years, even without a structured fundraising action – something that underlines impressive growth opportunities – donations to culture from small donors and “one million plus donors” or big donors (with a potential of 60 to 400 million euro fundraised) reached and are surpassing those to international cooperation, also considering testamentary bequests (120 billion heirless donations estimated in Italy in 2020 – Source: Cariplo Foundation).

For those coming from fields like arts and culture, literature, communication or marketing, and for all those who love common goods and our artistic heritage, this historical Master (from 1999), proudly redesigned together with our friends from Cultural Philanthropy, directed by a top player like Giampiero Giacomel, is extremely effective when it comes to employment opportunities. Its contents, lecturers and partners are marvellous. It represents a professional opportunity for personal development, but also for the development of the entire European culture.

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