Master in Fundraising & Philanthropy Manager, Communication, Cultural Marketing and Cultural Philanthropy


Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media

Leader in Europe for history, number of students trained and partner NGOs
since 1999 – at its 43rd edition (English)

Training provided in blended formula: eLearning + workshops



Supported by Universidad de Nebrija, providing the students with a double title and 60 ECTS.

Be the Change!

Partner Associations

The blended formula, partly based on eLearning platform with monthly workshops during the weekends, allows presence for those who work or in general cannot afford to waste another year in a classroom.


  • Master starts: December 2021
  • 1070 hours, 12 months
  • eLearning + 33 workshops in 8 long weekends (approximately one per month)
  • Field Experience (a real one – not just a visit)
  • Real Project Work
  • Internship at least 200 hours up to 6 months if abroad.
  • Matching – Presentation of your profile to the NGOs, Foundations, Cultural entities

Download the programme for more information about didactic structure, master features, workshops scheduling and lecturers!


Because what we are offering you is not just ‘another course’, but a clear professional profile, among the most requested. We take care and the responsibility for your practical preparation as only those who come from the field can do.

  • The courage to have a dream. Because organisations look for the right skills, not credit and paper certificates. You will have as lecturers only the best managers and professionals, shared with the School by the best organisations, to train you according to the required standards.

  • Full employment. Because the employment rate is 90% within a year (50% of the students find a job in the very same organization where they did the Training Period. 10% don’t access to the market within a year for personal-family-work-logistics-maternity, or other reasons). The Career Development Service works with you developing your “Career Plan” and introducing you in the right way, taking in consideration ambition and caution of the choices.

  • Internationality. FRAME is an International Program, with European (and not only European) lecturers and students, that combines quality, accessibility (affordable cost + scholarships) and flexibility (thanks to the eLearning + workshops formula, that makes it easier to attend).
  • Certifications: the FRAME Master is a double title with Universidad de Nebrija providing 60 ECTS. Also, EFA-Fundraising Excellence certified, a framework that establishes solid and professional standards.

The Social Change School is among the first certified in the world as HPass Learning Provider.

  • Experience, History and Worldwide Network: the School puts its experience, contacts, relationships, international community and the willingness to sharing of hundreds of fellows living in almost all the countries of the world.
  • Management Competences: are you able to pitch with a Company, or present the project to a Foundation? The managerial development feature “keeps you safe”, allowing you to have basic skills in Conflict Management, Negotiation, Stress Management, Assertiveness, Public Speaking, Time and Organization Management.

Be the change! Can you see the Master as a powerful lever for social change? We believe that your professional commitment is fundamental to enhance the quality of the different sectors. We believe that you, with your passion and professionalism, can be the change for the lives of thousands of people. We do not just consider you a student, but as a social activist, a rights’ defender, a person interested not only in “doing projects” but in changing systems: a heavily committed “social” professional.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Do you feel you can have the right potential to be the change? Book the admission and evaluation interview with Marco Crescenzi, who directly takes care of the selection and admission process for your benefit (for a right choice), the NGOs’ (on your human and professional quality) and of course for the good name of the School – represented by each of its fellows, all over the world.

Download the Master Programme and ask for an admission and evaluation interview


Master Director Giampiero GiacomelDirector of Fundraising at Scottish Youth Theatre, Chairman of Cultural Philanthropy Limited and former student of Social Change School
Coordinator Eloisa Armini
Senior Advisers Filippo Ungaro Save The Children, Giancarla Pancione Save The Children
Career Development Federica De Benedittis, Head of Career Development

Donna Ratier Kimberley, Admin Officer
Matias Rodriguez, Admin Officer


Save the Children, MSF, Red Cross, Intersos, AVSI, Medicos del Mundo, Amnesty International, Emergency, Oxfam, Greenpeace, WWF, Legambiente, UNHCR , UNICEF, UNDP,  World Food Program (WFP), Danish Refugees Council, Plan International, Action Aid, Libera Associazioni, Mission Bambini, Sole Terre,  CESVI, COOPI, GVC, SoS Villaggi dei Bambini, Terre des Hommes,.AIRC, Telethon, Scottish Youth Theatre, WorldVision), Association CooperAction Onlus, Euclid Network, Amref Health Africa Italy, International Rescue Committee, Agriterra, Humentum, Handicap International, Cancer Research, Sphere Focal Point, Santa Rita da Cascia Foundation onlus, Ospedale Gemelli Fundation, Bambin Gesu’ Foundation, TechSoup’s Italian division, Guardavanti- futuro dei bambini ONLUS, Liberi di credere, VIS, CIR (Consiglio Italiano Rifugiati), Assoforr, Fondazione Di Liegro, Opera Sante de Sanctis, Coop. Wipala, Liberi Nantes, Opera Don Guanella, Astirforma, ,, GoFundMe, Cure3Children, Cure Thalassemia , Cultural Philantropy. Certifying Institutions: EFA, ASSIF, AEFR, PMG, HPass, Nebrija University, Istituto Don Luigi Giussani.

Some of the main partners that collaborate in the realization of the Master

European Fundraising Association

  • Supported since 2010 by Euclid Network – European Association of Third Sector Leaders. Supported by the European Commission.
  • Supported since 2015 by ACOSVO – Scotland’s Third Sector Leading Network.
  • In partnership with ASSIF – Italian Association Fundraiser.
  • In partnership with AEFR – Asociación Española de Fundraising.

… and more than 200 organizations hosting interns worldwide.


Download the Master Programme and ask for an admission and evaluation interview


The Field Experience represents the moment of application in the field of knowledge and techniques learned during the course of the Master. 4 days of real and direct field experience.

In 2019 students will be in Glasgow, Scotland

In September, December 2018 students will attend the Field Experience in Glasgow at the Scottish Youth Theater.

In 2018 the students were in Caserta

Field Experience FRAME per NewHope: esperienza di Fundraising e impatto realeFrom September 7th to 10th 2018, the students of the December 2017 edition took part in a Field Experience in Caserta, with the New Hope Cooperative. Students spent 4 days at the organization’s headquarters to implement a fundraising plan with the board, stakeholders and donors of the organization.

Read the complete report: Field Experience FRAME per NewHope: esperienza di Fundraising e impatto reale

In 2018 the students were in Turin

Field Experience a Torino: Laboratorio di Fundraising per i fellow di FRAMEFrom February 21st to 24th 2018, the FRAME Master fellows participated in a Field Experience in Turin, with the Il Circolo dei Lettori Foundation. Students spent 4 days at the organization’s headquarters to implement a fundraising plan with the board, stakeholders and donors of the organization.

Read the complete report: Field Experience a Torino: esperienza di Fundraising per i fellow di FRAME

In 2017 the experience took place in Scotland, in collaboration with Shirlie Project

The students of June 2016 edition before and December 2016 edition then, had the opportunity to take part in the creation of a real fundraising strategy, collaborating with Shirlie Project (Inverness, Scotland), interacting with local stakeholders, potential donors and partner. This gave the opportunity to use in a real context all the knowledge, skills and tools acquired during the Master. The students organized a fundraising event, made prospective research, used a real database, made a telephone campaign and a written appeal to increase support from individuals and trusts.

Read the complete report: Field Experience in Scotland for the Master FRAME


Social Change School has always worked closely with the HRM and managers of the sector. The Masters are co-projected with the Masters’ directors and managers of the non profit sector and are constantly updated by means of surveys concerning the competences and required professional profiles at international level.

Career Development is one of the qualifying processes of the Master programmes and provides first class services, in terms of the personalised assistance given by the staff. They help finding the best match between our students’ skills, competences and the right organisations, something we are able to achieve thanks to our wide range of partners. An experience that, to use our students’ words, “changes your life”.

Scopri come funziona

Download the Master Programme and ask for an admission and evaluation interview

FRAME trains a high level fundraiser guaranteeing strict adherence to the needs of the different sectors. The lecturers come from the most important International organisations, cultural entities and universities. The network of partners is directly involved in the didactic.

More than 400 professionals have attended our Master FRAME. Some of the best operators in the sector come from this Master programme, and have updated their integrated fundraising management skills with us; a “friendly” Alumni network for post-diploma support.

The Master is strongly international and totally in English.

The Master is suited for professionals between the ages of 23 and 55: brilliant graduates, people already working seeking specialisation or people working in the for-profit sector – even professionals and managers – looking for meaning and a change of life. The selection of candidates and their admission is accurate, carried out by the Staff of the Social Change School, based on a admission and evaluation interview to verify the specific predictive dimensions of professional success connected to the chosen profile.

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