A message from Marco Crescenzi, SCS President

Dear Students and Teachers of SCS,

I would like to convey the concern of the staff for your health and work. I would also like to thank our teachers for their engagement in building different but strong e-learning didactic pathway in few days, and students for wisely focusing on the unquestionable final results of the pathway, which we will achieve together in the smartest way possible.

Once this unexpected emergency is over, I believe we will have learned many things. I always tend to look for great opportunities in every crisis. Here are some things I believe we, together with our society, will learn:

  1. A deeper awareness of the fragility of our global ecosystem, health and earth are in our hands. Business as usual will be impossible. COVID19 arrived while the financial system was expecting a “GREEN SWAN”, a “Black Swan” coming from a new unexpected financial perturbation related to the green-climate change emergency. The environment will increasingly become our focus, and big investment funds (like Black Rock) are disinvesting from the “fossil word” fuelled by fossil energy and industrial meat.  Green will be the new social. The rights we have today come after the rights of the earth and of the future generations. Democracy cannot be blind and weak, nor can it be based on the comfort zone of people who are only thinking about their current interests. 
  2. A deeper awareness of how we are all on the same boat, deeply interconnected, and how we cannot protect ourselves just by closing the borders after the problem has already happened, but collaborating to prevent and exchange at the best for the global wealth. Yesterday Madrid has suspended flights from Italy, in a moment in which the situation in the city is even worse than in most of the cities of Italy. Closing might be necessary (like China taught us) but collaborating is indispensable.
  3. Many activities and personal rights have been suspended. We can’t simply think about “business as usual” but about smarter and technological ways to achieve expected results. Coming out of our comfort zone will be a fantastic exercise for our personal growth. Thinking together and feeling part of a community, against a common enemy, will be our safety.
  4. Probably all of Europe (and not only that, think about New York, California…) is going to become a “red zone” and people will stay at home with remote work and  with their children, partners or parents for a lot of time.  A good opportunity to re-establish sociality and to be “inside” relationships – or to let some contradictions explode. Discovering parental relationships with children at home will be hard but very interesting. Coming back to be a better father, mother, son, daughter or parent, perhaps, a different person or  family.

I do believe this shock will teach us many things, if we will be open to learn, flexible to smart solutions, united as a community.

Take care, all the best.

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