5 planning tricks to achieve your goals

The ability to plan is the primary characteristic of those who achieve their work goals.
Here are 5 valuable tips for an enlightened planning.

1) Write down a list of the things you want to do differently in the various aspects of your business, for example:

– What do you want your collaborators to do more of, or in a different manner?

– What do you want to delegate to others because it makes you waste precious time (and money)?

– What new activities that will increase income do you want to develop?

The more precise and detailed the list is, the more it will help you.

2) Ask yourself: which aspects of my business do I want to dedicate my best hours to? Answering this question will make you focus on the activities where your added value is better expressed and maximized. Being able to distinguish what is a priority from what is not is often a good challenge, especially if you are constantly subjected to distractions. In these days you are calmer and will be able to identify priorities with more clarity!

3) When setting priorities, get inspired by the 80/20 rule according to which 20% of your activities will be enough to reach 80% of your results. Thus, it is very important for you to succeed in identifying that 20% of activity.

4) Set a deadline for every target.
For each planned activity, write down: I must be able to achieve it by… For more complex activities, set intermediate deadlines.

5) Acquire the habit of doing something every day that will get you closer to the realization of your goals. In this way, you will constantly feed your goals and get moving.

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