Fabian Krone

Fabian Krone

Senior Strategic Adviser

Fabian Krone is CEO & Founder of Crownlake Management, Certified Advisory and Supervisory Board Member.

Generalist oriented leader with management skills particularly in the areas of marketing including brand development, brand positioning, licensing business, international sales, strategic restructuring of companies and finance & controlling.

Well-versed in the management of change processes in the context of relevant experience in the areas of restructuring, reorganization and implementation of sustainable profit improvement projects.

Many years of management experience in different corporate structures. Strong intercultural skills and high level of internationality through diplomatic family back-ground and strong internationally coined professional career (languages spoken: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish).

Fabian has always been very concerned with social change processes and he supports the Social Change School with his high level of experience in management and development of projects. He strongly believes in the Social Change project and in its international potential.

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