Elena Maria Crescenzi

Elena Maria Crescenzi

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Born and raised in Rome, since she was a child, Elena was stimulated by the father to be in touch with an International environment, encouraged in travelling and learning different languages. This brought her to study English, French and Spanish during high school years.

Given her sensitivity to social and environmental issues, during secondary and high school, she volunteered in the Sant’Egidio community where she went to the sad and abandoned institutions of the elderly for the purpose of keeping them company, organizing activities or simply listening to their stories. In addition, at the age of 17 she managed to motivate her high school class to adopt a child at a distance for one year through the Save the Children organization.

In August 2018, at the age of 19 and after finishing high school, she moved to Madrid for a year with the aim of gaining experience abroad, deepening her knowledge of Spanish and gaining work experience.

After her year in Spain, Elena moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she attended the Faculty of Psychology at Queen Margaret University. Always encouraged by both parents to be independent, Elena combines her studies with working in a restaurant in order to pay the rent. This experience will put her to the test, given the stressful rhythms and the language barrier. Despite the initial difficulties, in the end she will be able to adapt and make her contribution.

Returning to Italy due to the pandemic, in the summer of 2020 Elena decides to deepen her interest in spiritual themes such as yoga and reiki (a Japanese energy practice for balancing the chakras), attending and completing a first level class reiki course. This allows her to do reiki treatments which for now she does to the limited circle of her roommates – one Spanish, one Irish and one Italian.

At the moment Elena is attending the second year of university and working with one of her greatest passions, children, thanks to the Supermums agency, which allows her to work as an assistant teacher or in families as a child-carer.

She loves the nature, writing and being around valuable, openminded and curious people, as she is. Always ready and interested to the change and to the diversity, she can’t wait to travel more and visit the entire world.

They say about her: spontaneous, funny and a little bit hippie.

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