Sara Martini

Career Development Service as HR Officer

Sara Martini grew up in Artena, a town in the province of Rome, mainly known for having the largest non-vehicular historic center in Europe.
Being always deeply interested in the social sector and in the world of education, in 2019 she graduates in Educational Sciences and in 2022 she obtaines a master’s degree in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning.
With her studies she enhances issues she always cared about, such as human rights and employment law – in order to protect and promote the individual and social well-being – and educational and learning processes – seen as incomparable and irreplaceable to stimulate interest and motivation, essential for the individual growth and self-realization.
During her high school years, her love for writing translates into a significant experience as a member of the high school newspaper “Inter Nos”’ editorial team, which offers her the opportunity to become familiar with writing and revising texts and to use the gained abilities for subsequent collaborations.
During these years, Sara has several work experiences, sure that every single experience (even the farthest from her studies) can be precious and add value to the others.
“To valorise”, indeed, is what embodies her mission in the professional field.
Currently, she collaborates with the University of Roma Tre as an expert on Business Organization and Lifelong Learning and with Psicoterapeuta Sociale in research activities.
For the Social Change School Sara Martini supports the Career Development Service as HR Officer, interfacing with the Third Sector organizations, with the main aim to guarantee the best training and professional opportunities for school students.

Sara Martini

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