Sara Martini

SCS Staff - Sara Martini
Human Resources Officer in the Career Development Service and Didactic Assistant

Being always deeply interested in the social sector and in the world of education, Sara studies disciplines related to human rights, employment law and educational and learning processes and in 2022 she obtaines a master’s degree in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning.
During her high school years, her love for writing translates into an experience – which will also be significant in her future collaborations – as a member of the editorial staff of the high school newspaper “Inter Nos”, which gives her the opportunity to become familiar with writing and revising texts and with creating bibliographic material.
She currently collaborates, on several fronts, with the Chair of Business Organization at Roma Tre University and for the “Psicoterapeuta Sociale” program.
In the Social Change School Sara Martini works in a team in the didactic sector, supporting activities related to the “Didactic Pathway”, and in the Career Development Service, interfacing with the students and with the Third Sector institutions, with the main aim of ensuring the best opportunities for – learning and professional – growth for the students.
In her free time, she loves to dedicate herself to outdoor activities, crafts, reading, writing, music and photography.

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