Masters’ Opening Ceremony: Ready to Impact!

The International Masters’ Opening Ceremony that took place on 26th January 2018, was the perfect way to celebrate the new start of a great group of new agents who dream- and act- big!

As part of the tradition, the Social Change School President and Founder, Marco Crescenzi, warmly welcomed the students, recalling the story and work of the School in the past 20 years and clarifying the meaning of studying and working in the Social Change School and in the NonProfit world. He wished our students “to fully live this path, to start or re-start a career in the NonProfit world, to make the difference with your professional tools and mindset, and to then continue walking together, staying in contact with Social Change School’s network.”

He was then followed by the Keynote Speech held by Marco de Ponte, General Secretary at ActionAid Italia. First of all, he underlined the importance of not being just bureaucrats and professionals, but also, and above all, being activists and politically involved.

The Masters Directors were there as well: Alessio di Carlo (from CooperAction Onlus) for PMC – Master in Project Management for International CooperationLodovico Mariani for HOPE – Master in Humanitarian Operations in EmergenciesFilippo Ungaro for FRAME – Master in Fundraising Management (who were also there to represent our partner organisations Amref Health Africa Italy and Save The Children Italia).

The representatives of our loyal partners accompanied and supported our students during this special and important day: COOPI – Cooperazione internazionale with the HR Manager Mauro Rivolta, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation with Marta Collu, WWF Italia with the Responsible for Biodiversity and Young Coordinator Marco GalaverniINTERSOS with the Head of Emergency Unit Marcelo Garcia Dalla Costa, and the above-mentioned Filippo Ungaro for Save The Children Italia and Lodovico Mariani for Amref Health Africa Italy. This was the first meeting between our students and the partner organisations, and it is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship; during this year of Master the students will get to know different realities and people of the world of the NGOs, starting from the lecturers that, as every year, are sector professionals, to then meet the HR of some of our partners when testing their skills in a job interview.

During the afternoon, as per tradition, one of our new graduates, Paola Pane from FRAME Master Edition 2016, made a symbolic handover “entrusting” the banner of the Social Change School to a new student.  She also shared her Master experience and the opportunities that the school offered her, she stressed the importance of being proactive students and of networking with the professionals met during the Master and to have the right attitude to take advantage of the many opportunities offered. Thanks to her proactive and positive attitude and to the support of the Career Development Service of the School, Paola is now working for Caritas Internationalis.

Students then met the members of the Staff. Cinzia D’Intino – Head of Didactics, presented the didactic structure of the school: didactic areas and activities that students will undertake during the year. Tirso Puig de la Bellacasa – Head of Career Development Service and Master HOPE Coordinator, and Mariasole Raimondi – Master FRAME Coordinator, presented the Career Development Unit.

At the end of the day, it was time for our new fellows to introduce themselves with the help of a personal object and to share their dreams and expectations with the others.

Cinzia D’Intino commented that “it was an intense day during which we have finally got to meet the students! We wanted to transmit the spirit of the school by introducing the Staff, Partners and our activities, and to encourage them to start at their best and together this new exciting path!”

Thanks to all those who took part in it and good luck to our new fellows!

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