Sergio Vecchiarelli

Sergio Vecchiarelli

Budgeting and Accounting, PMC

Sergio graduated in Business and Economics, but has always been fond of international cooperation.

He designed an operational platform on the study of similarities and differences between profit and nonprofit organizations.

He has always been convinced of the necessity of a collaboration between the two sectors, which in his opinion have been for too long separated by ethics on one side and logic of profit on the other.

After his university years, he specialized in international cooperation.

His professional career started in 2002 at Ricerca and Cooperazione in the role of responsible of Education Development Projects and then he became responsible for projects in South America. After four years, he became managing director. In eight years he went on different missions in Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Lebanon; Ghana and Malawi and then decided to change sector. He switched from cooperation to humanitarian emergencies.

In 2010, he started working at INTERSOS and he was in charge of improving administrative processes After two years, he became Managing Director of the Italian branch.

Since 2014, he is Finance Director both in Italy and at an International level. He also contributes to the definition of the general startegies of INTERSOS.

He draws inspiration from Muhammad Yunus and the priciples he explains in his book Creating a world without poverty; any business activity with a social goal has to be organized and managed as a real company, with products, services, clients, a market, costs and revenues. The only difference is that the mission is achieving social goals and not profit.

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