Workshop “Management & Nonprofit Business Administration” – The first tools to plan your own non-profit projects

Cinzia D’Intino | Heads of Didactics

From the 16th until the 19th of February, in Rome, the series of workshops on Management & Nonprofit Business Administration for the Masters PMC – Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development and FRAME- FundRaising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Campaigns.

Different lecturers, who are professionals in the non profit sector and experts on the subject of the workshop, intervened to guide the students from dreams…to accounts! The students, could see how each organisation of the Third Sector, should have strategic objectives, within a “mission” and a “vision”, but also the importance of evaluating strengths and weaknesses, keeping track of opportunities and threats coming from the outside and how they can use different tools for project planning and evaluation.

On the first day, Filippo Montesi, Evaluation Officer at Human Foundation, showed one of the most used methodologies, the Theory of Change, that organisations with social scope use in order to:

  • Understand the complexity of social phenomena;
  • Analyse the problems on which they want to intervene, in order to make them part of a social change model;
  • Develop social interventions and innovations;
  • Start up processes of collaboration and a multi-stakeholder approach;
  • Improve the planning, management, evaluation and communication capacities for social impact.

On the second day, kept the students busy with the focus on the Business Model CANVAS, with Michele Forbicioni, in order to acquire another tool for the creation of social business and fundraising programmes and projects. They then explored with  Eugenio La Mesa, the theme of Project Financing, getting to know different project funding methodologies, from the most common sources to the innovative ones. 

The third day, was dedicated to the Business Plan, with two experts on the subject, Fabio Montanari and Paolo Santambrogio. The workshop ended also with the Director of the Master PMC, Stefano Oltolini, with him, the students explored the world of national and international Foundations, learning useful strategies to forge new partnerships and diversify the fundraising entries.

The days of workshops were intense and stimulating, with theory and practical exercises, enriching our students’ “toolbox”, they are now ready to go into more details in their Master path.



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