disaster management

Three days on Disaster Management for HOPE students

On October 23-25 2015 HOPE Master students – June 2015 – Edition participated to their second in-class meeting for an entire week-end.

During these three days, lectures were held by Silva Ferretti, Humanitarian Emergency freelance consultant, and Tanja Berretta, current coordination manager for Plan International humanitarian actions, which are financed by the European Commission in the world. Before this experience she worked for 15 years on field.

Students were involved in a project dealing with humanitarian emergency by using a logical framework as a project tool and touching need assessment by the hand through video-support materials as well.

The meeting started with a summary on fundamentals of Disaster Management, the topic of the first in-class meeting. Later, an analysis of the professional profiles of humanitarian emergency was made. Finally, more details on PCM were given (how and where it is used).

Case-studies played the leading role during these three days. Mainly Pakistan case-study, allowing students to develop a logical framework six months after a natural disaster. For the simulation, students were divided into two groups and two organisations: one for the Shelter and one for the Gender. There was also a showing of videos which had been recorded on field, in order to determine need assessment. Other practical tools were humanitarian intervention’s three actors (organisation’s mandate, donor and intervention context), accountability and disaster risk management cycle.

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