EDITORIAL. Change of life, from a multinational to an international cooperation: Titti Andriani and others

The first memory of Titti Andriani, is at the Potential Evaluation Interview in 2008.

Already with a solid ‘for profit’ career, but at the same time a committed volunteer, she felt the strong need to put her competences and determination at the service of those who needed it more. Going back to that day, her ‘professional dream’ was to create her own organisation, active in Africa on the themes of oncology prevention, also with the support of her husband, an oncologist.

A social “start up” actually, a path of social self-entrepreneurship.

Titti’s potential did not surprise me – her determination and sensibility were typical of many coming from the for profit, who come to us for help to turn their life around, “looking for a greater meaning and impact”.

What I could not imagine, was how concrete and quick she would have been in giving a real and solid shape to her dream.

After attending the Master FRAME in Fundraising Management, she called to inform me about the foundation of her “AFRON- Oncology for Africa Onlus“, of which she is Founder and President.

After a while, she called the School looking for interns. In a quick succession of events, Titti put up a structure that today can take care of thousands of women every year: “Only in November 2016” said Titti “we carried out gynaecological screening and breast imaging for Karimojong women in Uganda, 1,836 women in just two weeks”.

I leave you with her engaging story “In Africa to fight cancer – Diary of my last trip to Uganda” just published in the section “FromTheField” dedicated to the professionals we have trained.

Many of our fellows coming from the forprofit – who usually become either a Project Manager, Humanitarian Manager or Fundraising Manager in medium-big seized NGOs – have an advantage: they are more used to measure themselves with concrete results and they are more concrete as well.

Also “meaner”, because it’s like this: to pursue “the good”, you also need the right amount of sternness!

Marco Crescenzi

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