Giampiero Giacomel

Giampiero Giacomel

Director of Master in Fundrasing, Cultural Philanthropy & Advancement

Giampiero is one of the main international experts on Cultural Philanthropy. He was born in San Donà del Piave (Venice, Italy) and today lives in Glasgow, after living in London for a long time.  He as a degree in Law by the University of Udine, one in Philanthropic Studies by the University of Kent, was awarded the Diploma for the International Master in Fundraising Management by Social Change School and a Master in Euro-Mediterranean Cultures and Politics. He is a member of the Institute of Fundraising, has received a certificate in Fundraising from the University of Forlì. His training was also complemented by various courses in UK, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, USA and Mexico. He started his career as a corporate legal expert for a private bank.

He is currently Executive Director and Founder of Cultural Philanthropy Ltd, leader in Europe for consultancy on philanthropy for arts and culture, and Fundraising Director for the Scottish Youth Theatre in the UK.

He was Director of Individual donors for Scottish Opera, Fundraising responsible for the University of the Highlands and Islands. He was Fundraising Coordinator for CSW in London.
Previously, he has worked for the National Autistic Society and for the Haiti Hospital Appeal, always in the United Kingdom.

In Italy, he is a consultant for Circolo dei Lettori Foundation and has collaborated with Orchestra Polledro, Teatro Aperitivo and others.

Before moving to London, he collaborated with the start-up of Guardavanti: futuro dei bambini ONLUS.

Giampiero is an alumnus of Social Change School and the Director of Master FRAME – Fundraising, Cultural Philanthropy and Advancement

Father, partner and friend, Giampiero loves nature, life in the outdoor and the mountains, food, whisky and good company, and he believes that only through generosity we can all aspire to be a little less nasty.

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