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Workshop “Management & Leadership Development” in Madrid for the International Masters

The Workshop “Management & Leadership Development” took place in Madrid between the 18th and 21st of January for the International Masters Social Change School: FRAME- Master in Fundraising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, CampaignsHOPE –Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field and PMC – Master in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development – June 2017 Edition.

The Workshop was held at EUROCESS with Marco Crescenzi – President and Founder of Social Change SchoolSilvia Fontana – Researcher UniPD and Peace Ambassador, Senior Advisor of Social Change School; Diego Battistessa – Lecturer, Researcher and Academic Coordinator for Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Tirso Puig de la Bellacasa – Head of Career Development Service Social Change School and Susana Casla – Talent & Innovation Specialist, Head of ESCOACHING and Tartessos Ventures President.

Once again, staff and lecturers welcomed the students in Madrid with a dense programme but surely with enough time to enjoy the city and spanish food and culture!


Workshop madrid - maschera1

Silvia Fontana  (Researcher UniPD and Peace Ambassador, Senior Advisor of Social Change School) and Susana Casla(Talent & Innovation Specialist, Head of ESCOACHING and President Tartessos Ventures) started the workshop on: “SELF-EFFECTIVENESS AND PERSONAL ASSERTIVENESS”. The aim of the morning, was to understand the meaning and importance of self-effectiveness both in private life and at work, and applying it to NonProfit organisations and to their values. As for personal assertiveness, the understanding on how persuading others peacefully.

The afternoon shifted towards “SELF-EFFECTIVENESS AND ASSERTIVENESS IN TEAM WORK”:  how to build a team, manage diversity and promote talented staff within a group.  They presented the Whole-Brain model of Ned Herrmann, thanks to which the students could gain a better understanding of their own personal working style and team.

Day 2. “PUBLIC SPEAKING. How to speak in an effective way”

Friday 19 was totally dedicate to “PUBLIC SPEAKING. How to speak in an effective way” with Silvia Fontana. Learning objectives of the day were to give the students an understanding of different contexts, and how to manage and deal with the audience, raising awareness on fears, mindsets, key messages, nonverbal and paraverbal communication; tools and strategies for being persuasive communicators and instilling authority and confidence. The final part of the day, focused on the presentation of their final Project Work, with a laboratory on  how to submit a project in public and on how to manage the Starting, Developing, Closing phases of a speech.


Workshop Jan 18- Madrid

Saturday 20, was focused on CONFLICT NEGOTIATION with Diego Battistessa (Lecturer, Researcher and Academic Coordinator at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).

D. Battistessa presented case studies on conflict negotiation in the NonProfit, identifying different categories and main reasons. And then delved into “MANAGING CONFLICT IN A COOPERATIVE WAY” with role-playing activities and laboratories.

The afternoon focused instead on the Career Development Service of the Social Change School, with Silvia Fontana and Tirso Puig de la Bellacasa, Head of the Career Development Service. Presenting the students how the service  works and the importance of a well structured and tailored CV.


The 21st morning was dedicated to “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: LEADERSHIP” with Marco Crescenzi, President and Founder Social Change School. Amongst the learning objectives, was the understanding of the difference between non profit and for profit management and between Management and Leadership. They then looked into “Leadership, what is it? what are the styles and contexts?”, together with a reflection on our own mindset, responsibility status (up) and psychological position (adult-adult), fears, imagination, key messages, approaches and charisma.

Finally, during the afternoon, the students looked at the PERSONAL SWOT and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN with a laboratory led by Silvia Fontana and Tirso Puig de la Bellacasa.

It was an intense but extremely rewarding and productive weekend for both our students and lecturers, surely a unique opportunity for mastering the key skills and tools for being effective leaders and communicators!

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