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Career Development: testimonials of those who have tried it

The Career Development is one of the qualifying processes of the International Master programmes of the Social Change School, it’s one of the most comprehensive in the world, for the depth of assistance and number of partners involved, and as our students testify, it is a ‘life changing experience’. The STAGE is one of the moments of the Career Development process and it is essential in our student’s paths. It is the ‘equipped gym’ in which the competences acquired during the year of Master are transferred into a protected work environment.

The career development, as a process, is articulated into different steps that our students address during the year, with the support of the Career Development Unit. Here are some testimonials of those who have undertaken this path with us: 

I am satisfied by the Career Development because it went really well since the Job Interview– thanks to the competencies of the HRM from WeWorld Onlus. It was useful for the feedback and suggestions received, very useful for my future. I also found the Career Development Plan very useful, even if difficult: once I started to work, I realised that with thousands of ideas on the future it is necessary to be concrete. It is useful, and it must be done, and no one and  no other school made me do that before. Curating the CV and the Cover Letter, I found it useful despite the normal limits set by reality. I did my stage with Fondazione Mission Bambini, it was unpaid and it went really well, I am really satisfied. After the stage, I always ask for support to the school when applying for new positions. It is an ongoing support, both for having a clear direction and for the research of contacts. Furthermore, it is very important that you are really committed too. You should try and have clear ideas, look for the vacancies, be clear with the school, be clear with the objectives you want to achieve: working together to achieve better results.  Annalisa L. – Master PMC, December 2016 Edition

Our role is also to orientate the choices of the students and to help them achieve their objectives, like in the case of Maria:

The support that I have received by the Career Development was first of all, in terms of orientation: I have been strongly pushed to undertake the STAGE with INTERSOS, even if I was not so sure, but the responsible of the CDU was sure that it would have been the right place for me. And thanks to of how things went, I am now working with them. The school was extremely available during the STAGE and when I started to work with Save the Children,  thanks to the networking done with the lecturers during the workshops. I am now permanently back in INTERSOS in the area of Supporters Services. Maria D.L. – Master FRAME, December 2015 Edition

The President of the Social Change School, Marco Crescenzi, strongly believes in the mission of the Career Development and recalls a curious episode:

In the Career Development Office of the School, there is a statement: ‘Here we change people life’. It started like a game, and with small internal “controversies” and jokes – for example the didactic department answered: “why not us?” and same did the administration and communication departments.

The Career Development is a central process in the formative path of the students, the School and the Staff are strongly aware of that and the President underlines that:

Everyone in the school is committed in achieving this objective, but the Career Development ‘gathers and boosts‘ everyone’s work and the career of the fellows. It takes care of their presentation on the job market, the  Career Plan with a moment of focused coaching, sends the candidates to an interview with a HRM of partner NGOs that evaluates the qualities of the candidate (and who themselves are sometimes interested in the profile) and supports the process of ‘mapping’ for the stage, carries out follow up analysis one year after the master to verify the professional placement and progress.

The partner organisations  that collaborate with the school for the  Job Interview and the Stages, have a strong interest and in fact:

The HRM of the NGOs help us a lot, for them it is an occasion of getting to know interesting candidates and an occasion to keep a roster. During the process, we get to know the students even better, their proactive approach, education, work ethics and fairness, strengths and areas of improvement…important information, both for us and for the organisations. The success of the fellows is our success, the School stands up for each students, therefore, all the involved parties must show total commitment.


Find out more on the Social Change School’s Career Development, and how it works step by step on the dedicated page.

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