Field Experience at the UNHRD base in Brindisi for HOPE students

Field Experience UNHRD Brindisi

From the 27th to the 29th of September 2017, students of HOPE–  Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistics in the field, December 2016 edition, did their Field Experience in Brindisi (Italy), at the UNHRD base. The experience was coordinated by the Master’s Director Lodovico Mariani, along with two trainers from INTERSOS – Davide Berruti and Leonardo Palma, they were also accompanied by the Master’s Coordinator Susana Ferreira and Corinna Vulpiani (INTERSOS).

Those were three very intense days, during which the students stepped into a simulation on a humanitarian emergency, in order to put the knowledge and skills acquired during the course into practice. They had to face a variety of different and challenging situations while implementing a humanitarian response.

According to the students, the field experience allowed them to become aware of the reality and acquire more knowledge, by testing and putting them under pressing situations. The general feeling in the end was that the team work also allowed the group to be more bounded as a group.


For Giulia Madau, one of the students taking part in the experience:

“It was quite interesting, completely unexpected, so everything was literally spontaneous. It was quite challenging and it was a good way to prove to ourselves what was the knowledge that we acquired during the Master and what we are able to put in place in order to work in a humanitarian operation.”

And Gabriele Mitrani, another HOPE student also stressed the importance of learning through a simulation:

“It was a very good experience. I am very happy. If you put yourself into the game you will have the possibility to learn a lot of things from your mistakes, which is the most important part of knowledge.”

In the end, the Field Experience met the students’ expectations and was a very important moment in their learning process.


By Susana Ferreira


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