International Masters

Do you want to work in the NGOs? Fill in the form and request evaluation and admission interview

Deadlines: June, 2021

Enrollment with limited spots: 25 students

Do you want to know your professional potential and your career development? Do you want to understand how to build your future on the  strengths and the weaknesses to work on? What will your professional profile be and what markets will it have? We will do it together through a 360-degrees evaluation with Marco Crescenzi, President of the School (and psychotherapist), or another professional of the sector and member of the School’s staff.

To attend the interview a simple solidarity contribution of € 48 is required, which will be allocated to the Scholarship Fund for disadvantaged students.

At the end of the interview you will have articulated and complete feedback and some targeted advice.

I believe these interviews are one of the best things about my professional experience. Since 1997, I have interviewed thousands of people, and hundreds of fantastic human beings have been launched professionally. Now, they are professionals and sector managers. The interview is very thorough because it serves to protect the candidate from imprudent choices, but also to guarantee the School and the Organizations on the highest quality of the admitted students (Marco Crescenzi).

International Masters

Do you want to work in the NGOs?

Deadlines: June, 2021

Enrollment with limited spots: maximum 25 students

Complete the form and download the program

By completing the form you will get information about: all the Master’s key features, the Professional Profiles, the detailed syllabus of the topics, the lecturers, the organisations, the staff, the calendar and the locations of the workshops, the Career Development Service, costs, discounts and scholarships .

Apply for a Scholarship: time is running out!

A group of Master HOPE December 2018 Edition Students

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