EDITORIAL. Forces for good- Our students on the field with the NGOs after the International Masters

On the 30th of April 2017, forty-one social change agents got their International Masters Degree from Social Change School and are now ready to get out there in the field in the name of the common good.

Despite the recent and extremely serious attacks to NGOs – attacks that were later proved to be false – in the West, particularly in Italy, England and USA, the number of people ready to fight and committ as professionals for a different and better world is ever-growing.

These squalid attacks and attempts to render NGOs less and less independent, will meet a formidable resistance.

You will not succeed in dampening our dreams and our solidarity with the ashes of your cynicism and cheap propaganda.

You will not stop us, because the humanity of most people is bigger than any short-range political calculation.

We will work hard to see the people who slandered us face the consequences, both political and penal.


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