Sepideh Shirazi

Sepideh Shirazi

Human Resources

Sepideh was born in 1972 in Teheran (Iran), but she spent most of her life in Italy. She has a degree in
Psychology of Organizations and she has been a freelance trainer for the past ten years.

For the past twenty years, she has been studying and working across Europe, the United States and

She worked as trainer, recruiter, and cultural mediator in companies she holds a PHD in psychosocial
risks and job values in diverse cultural contexts.

Her major competences have to do with Team Building, career counselling, and development of
crosscutting competences, analyzing the demand and the need of the market for training courses and
developing specific coaching programs.

The first time she came in touch with the Third Sector it was during her internship. Moreover, she has
a significant experience in recruiting and evaluating interns.

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