Susana F. Casla

Susana F. Casla

Development of Personal and Management Skills

Susana Casla was born in 1977 in Madrid (Spain), but she travelled all around the world! She is an awarded international Psychologist and Executive coach specialized in the field of talent and innovation solutions with more than 20 years’ experience.  

Throughout her career, she successfully oversaw programmes in very different contexts in America, Africa and Europe for corporate companies and humanitarian organizations.  Since 2013, through her firm ESCOACHING, Susana has been leading innovative projects and training courses to enhance talent and to foster well-being in the workplace to get extraordinary results.

Building trust, ensuring respect to organizational, team and individual values, turning groups into teams, developing leadership, managing conflicts to implement a learning dynamic or positioning employers and employees to face new challenges are key aspects of her job.

Lecturer at postgraduate level and author of several books, Susana created the innovative and internationally awarded Talent Gaming methodology. For all these reasons, she was named “Featured International Coach” by ICC (International Coaching Community) as well as by other international bodies.

She was selected as European Business Coach to support Small and Medium Enterprises involved in Horizon 2020 – European Commission, so she is being part of exciting international projects!

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