Silvia Capotorto

Silvia Capotorto

FRM - Fundraising

Silvia Capotorto has a Bachelor Degree in Law and has studied in Spain and the UK for an International Master in Marketing and Communications.

With a background in corporate communications, Silvia has been working for several consultancy firms and clients from a variety of industry sectors. She has led the NIMBY Forum, a study on the NIMBY Syndrome about the opposition from residents, media and politics, to a proposed development in their local area, writing several articles and books on this subject. She has contributed to the launch of the Energy Festival, the first event in Europe dedicated to promoting awareness around sustainability.

In 2010 she moved to London to develop her knowledge around Corporate Social Responsibility, working for large non profit organisations such as Cancer Research UK, and developing corporate partnerships with organisations like Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Nivea.

Back in Italy in 2016, she joined AIRC – Foundation for Cancer Research – where she works on corporate partnerships and innovation, promoting new fundraising mechanics and a culture of wellness in the workplace, with the position of Senior Business Development Manager.

At the beginning of 2018, she joined the Board of Social Value Italy, the local branch of an international network promoting tools and culture around impact measurement.

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