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Master HOPE: the means to give back dignity to humans who are suffering

“Our end is to give back dignity to humans who are suffering.”

This is the personal e professional mission of Lodovico Mariani, Director of the Master HOPE-  Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies.

HOPE provides an integrated set of learning opportunities for professionals interested in mastering the skills and knowledge to operate in humanitarian contexts. As part of the focus on management and practice, the programme includes 3 days of field experience at the UNHRD base in Brindisi.

It is addressed to junior and mid-level professionals who intend to use their full potential in order to operate in a responsible, effective and efficient manner in prevention, preparedness and response management of natural disasters, humanitarian crisis and complex emergencies.

Senior humanitarian professionals will share their expertise and experience through lectures, case studies, seminars, practical exercises, and scenarios, covering the full range of aspects of humanitarian operations.

HOPE partners with international emergency, humanitarian and relief organizations, giving concrete networking opportunities to participants who want to explore new professional opportunities.

“Means modify ends.  Our end is to give back dignity to humans who are suffering. To do so, we need to dominate the means. We strongly believe that a humanitarian worker must be passionate and professional at the same time. We must never forget the reason why we are doing what we are doing and we must combine all our passion and energy to our competencies in order to achieve our mission, our end.”

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