The Journey Begin! – Report of the first day of the season for the ‘Social Change School’ by Giulia Pizzuti

Giulia Pizzuti | Head of the Didactics

On Friday the 27th of January, the Training was held at Polo didattica in Rome, the inauguration and the first day of the PMC Master in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development, FRAME in Fundraising Management in the NGOs Business Administration, Marketing , Communication, Social Media, Campaigns and HOPE in Humanitarian Operation in Emergencies, Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistics in the field of the Social Change School.

The occasion was intense and full of interesting moments. It was surely an opportunity to share experiences and expectations and to start the interesting training program that will see us involved at all.

After the inauguration speech of Marco Crescenzi, President of the Social Change School, the morning began with the presentation of Directors and Co-directors of the Master. In this session, we had the opportunity to learn about the training and the most important experiences of Stefano Oltolini, Director of the Master PMC Foundation and Partnership Manager COOPI, Lodovico Mariani, Director of the Master HOPE and Head of Finance AMREF Italy, Alessio di Carlo , Co-director of the Master PMC and vice president of CooperAction, and Carla Cardelli, Senior Adviser and Head of the master FRAME Fundraising Development and Promotion of Freedom.

Hearing the testimony of the people involved, it was a good time to introduce the subsequent interventions of the Partners and staff of the Social Change School, but also for the knowledge of the students who, in addition, to present themselves making reference to their experiences, have revealed their interests and their motivations. It was very interesting to hear how many people from different areas of work and training programs, can be so united and determined in pursuing the same goal: to become professionals in the field of non-profit.

The Staff of the Social Change School consists of Cinzia Intino, Coordinator of the Master PMC and Coordinator, Federico Atzori, Coordinator of the Master FRAME and Innovation Officer, Giulia Pizzuti, Coordinator of the Master HOPE and Career Services Co-manager and Silvia Fontana, Manager of the Career Service, was introduced briefly explaining their training and the prospects of the new courses of the newly inaugurated Master. During the presentation we also enjoyed the presence of Dora Lisa Mercurio that made reference to her experience and important contributions as coordinator of the Master HOPE and Manager of the Career Service within the Social Change School, she wished them good luck.

We also had the opportunity to meet some of the Social Change School partners: Kostas Moschochoritis – Secretary General of INTERSOS, Eloisa Armini – President of AIESEC Roma Sapienza, Simone Acquaviva – President of ESN Italy, Lodovico Mariani – Head of Finance AMREF Health Africa, Gianluca Ranzato – Humanitarian Surge Manager for Save the Children Italy, and Elisabetta De Medici, former master PMC master student, and now project manager at Peter Pan Onlus Association. In one of the closing speeches before leaving the floor said to the new students that they should be reminded that “Young people are the future, but they are also the present.”

The day ended with a very exciting and inspiring moment, when we had the luck to listen to the words and experiences of Daniela Fatarella, Deputy CEO of Save the Children Italy, telling us that some of the projects of Save the Children Italy where participated in the first person, she has brought us all with her feet into reality: unfortunately we live in a world where there are too many tragic situations. However, this should not constitute an obstacle, but rather an incentive to do better and to acquire the necessary tools to cope with various problems with which we must and can do the math.

By Giulia Pizzuti

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