We are the future- The future of Nonprofit is built on excellence

The “Social Talent Scholarship Programme” has been successful beyond expectations, from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view.

Dozens of young adults of great talent “emerged”, youngsters who at the age of 25 have already travelled half of the world through study or volunteer projects, only few living in their country of origin, most of them owning at least two languages in addition to their mother tongue.  With extensive volunteering experiences, in their own country and most of the times on the field too. Young Italians, Spaniards, Belgians, Africans, South American – all sharing the same will to change things, together.

I think that something so marvellous and such an abundancy of social talent really deserves the attention of the international press.

They recognized in Social Change School and in the Master in Project Management for International Cooperation the door to the future that is waiting for them.

From our side, we are proud to have the chance to host so many talented students and to accompany them in their search of excellence and leadership.  

Professional excellence, understanding the big picture, trends, jargon, mastering tools. Knowing how to “walk between the plane of dreams and the plane of bills”: the first is above – the one that makes us move forward and gives us meaning – the second is the ground we stand on – which, if not stable enough, might crumble under our feet, swallowing us and our dreams.

But also human excellence: ambitious humility, protagonism in making the difference – with others, ability to trust others and proactivity in searching opportunities, desire for leadership – without arrogance, adaptability to different contexts – without compromising fundamental values.

These are the people we are looking for, together with our partners, and who we believe will build the future of the NGOs in the next 20 years.


Marco Crescenzi

President of Social Change School


Are you interested in our Social Talent Scholarship Programme? You can find more info here.

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