Field Experience FRAME for NewHope: Fundraising experience and real impact

From the 7th to the 10th of September 2018, our Master FRAME – Fundraising Management fellows took part to a Field Experience in Caserta, with Cooperativa NewHope. Students spent 4 days in the offices of the Nonprofit organization to implement a Fundraising Plan with the board, stakeholders and donors of the organization, in collaboration with Cooperativa NewHope of Caserta.

Field Experience FRAME for NewHope: Fundraising experience and real impactThe Fundraising experience was coordinated by Giampiero Giacomel, alumnus and Senior Adviser of Social Change School’s Master FRAME, and Head of Individual Giving at Scottish Opera

Our Senior Adviser also delivered a preliminary fundraising training for staff members and students about how to convert service users into donors for art and culture. This training allowed students to better engage with the staff of the Cooperative. Fellows appreciated the presence of Giacomel very much and learned much from him thanks to his energy, professionalism and practical experience.

During the Field Experience, fellows also had the chance to plan and implement a Fundraising response plan, manage relations with donors, plan an Individual Giving strategy and specific activities, learn the key steps to launch and participate to a fundraising campaign and the main objectives, functions and responsibilities of a fundraising team.

Field Experience FRAME for NewHope: Fundraising experience and real impactStudents were extremely satisfied of the experience, and particularly appreciated the opportunity to put into practice what they have studied so far and concretely apply it to an organization, getting feedbacks in real time from people living in the local reality and having the chance to get in contact with their mindset, lifestyle, politics and local environment. Fellows were involved in the strategy and worked very hard and with interest, giving their best and collaborating with Cooperativa NewHope, an organization whose mission and commitment they appreciate and admire.

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