#Working4HRM – Creating Value. Starting from the Present

Federica Morra | HR Officer at CCM-Comitato Collaborazione Medica 

Creating value. Working from the present situation and resources. Those became the two precious grounds I have always based my work on, in any working reality I found myself.

It is not easy, and it cannot be taken for granted that it will become easy in the coming years. Every day, we face a rich to do list, people to talk to, situations to analyse and solve. The necessity of always finding the right balance, without depreciating in the judgment or in the ready and finished solution, is as important as challenging; therefore, we are resources too!

Then, we need to bare in mind the expectations expressed by the Organisation, in order to improve the available tools, or to create new ones; in order to adapt the salary indicators, the manuals, the processes and so on.

Despite my years of experience, when I decided (about a year ago) to take up the challenge of the CCM- Comitato Collaborazione Medica, to set up the human resources department, however the pressing need to meet high expectations created stress and difficulties. That made me lose sight of finding the appropriate balance between the doing, looking for solutions and proposing tools that were essential. Spanning from the evaluation method to the updating of the internal processes,  that alllowed for better organized and prompt researches and selections.

Confronting then with a reality, that, even if understanding the necessity, it was not and still it is not completely ready to take a challenge, in order that, those and other changes would take place.

Therefore, at the umpteenth “about-face”, I stopped to ask myself where I was wrong. I realized that I had to start again. But from where? From the present, from what is present in the organization, enhancing all the positive aspects and living them the possibility to underline the critical issues.

Those critical issues that they feel ready to improve, because they want to work in order to do that. Starting by their needs to underline the possibility, to offer ideas, living them the final decision. In that way, a project of revision of some internal processes, turned into their rewriting in a smoother and usable way for everyone, as the real problem is that not many use it, as it is not of immediate comprehension. What if that was the cause of the critical issues? We will discover it.

Starting from “now and here” is then the key for generating value, as value is given to everyone’s potential to choose, decide and solve in the best way.

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