Ambition – Collaboration – Impact: three key words for a career in the Non Profit

Is it possible to define the mindset of those who work in the non profit, in three words?

The answer is yes, and it’s given by Daniela Fatarella,  Deputy CEO at Save the Children Italy and student of the very first edition of the masters of the Social Change School.


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Ambition, Collaboration, Impact.

The choice of these terms, is strong, and maybe, at first sight surprising. But Daniela Fatarella, thanks to the experience and her 17 years of career in the NGOs- “I couldn’t have done anything else”, she affirms – she’s a surprising person, her words have a profound meaning.

Ambition. If you choose to live in the world of cooperation, you have to be the best in what you do: you need to reach your objectives, and you have to do it well, because what you do is saving lives.

Collaboration. If you want to achieve your objectives, you cannot think and act on your own. You need to consider yourself as a part of a family, a team and a World that is interconnected, and only this way you will be able to go beyond your expectations and be successful.

Impact. When working in the social, you will create projects, take actions that will change the life of people. This ‘impact’, is the reason for which you wake up happy in the morning and you never surrender.

Daniela Fatarella had a long journey since that faraway first course at the project of the ‘Vos Hestia’, the first boat of Save the Children, dedicated to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, and she has many things to say to those who wants to follow her steps and her dreams and test themselves with theirs. Her closing statement during the opening ceremony for the new season of the masters of the Social Change School was very beautiful, engaging and intense: we invite you to listen to it, keeping in mind her final wish:

«be very passionate, and be extremely proud of whatever you will be doing in this sector…»


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