Masters commence: the beginning of a new challenge!

On Friday, the 27th  of January, 2017, at the Polo Didattico Rome, we held our opening ceremony for the new season of Social Change School Masters in Project Management for International Cooperation, Fundraising Management and Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies.

This day commenced the journey to achieving the goals and dreams of our 46 students, who are from all over Europe and beyond.

The President, Marco Crescenzi with his opening speech, officially launched the new Master edition, stressing that the factors that characterize a successful career in the non-profit are: open mind, responsibility and conscientiousness, extroversion and availability, emotional stability.

The staff of the Social Change School, the directors and co-directors of the Master and the representatives of the Partners of the school are all ready for a new exciting journey.

During the presentation of the staff, two new school’s staff were introduced, one who is dedicated to the process of Career Services and the other to the management of the Master HOPE: Silvia Fontana and Giulia Pizzuti.

As usual the representatives of our Partners were present, their interventions, full of hope, results and challenges, have enabled students to hear directly from the protagonists of the third sector, the achievement of the previous year and the challenges that lie ahead for the New Year. The representatives of the Partners as follows were: Kostas Moschochoritis – Secretary General of INTERSOS, Eloisa Armini – President of AIESEC Roma Sapienza, Simone Acquaviva – President of ESN Italy, Lodovico Mariani – Head of Finance at AMREF Health Africa, Gianluca Ranzato – Humanitarian Surge Manager for Save the Children Italy, and Elizabeth De Medici, former student of the PMC master, now Project manager at Peter Pan Onlus Association.

Those who were also present are, the heads of the Master: Stefano Oltolini – Director of PMC master, Lodovico Mariani – Director of HOPE master, Alessio di Carlo – Co-director of the master PMC representing the teachers of the school and Carla Cardelli – Senior Adviser of the master FRAME, they have expressed their expectations towards the students, describing their experience and conveying the values that led them to choose to work in the Non Profit.

As a tradition, a new graduate, Sara Corelli, made a symbolic handover “entrusting” the banner of the Social Change School to a new student. That symbolizes continuity over the years; this training since 1998 has developed more than 1,000 industry professionals.

During the second part of the day, students became the real stars of the event, introducing themselves by showing an object that best describes their own experience and the dream they want to accomplish thanks to the Master!

They accepted this challenge and we commenced! Good luck to all the participants on this new path!

Federico Atzori

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