Humanitarian Project manager – Field Co-Ordinator

The profile is particularly sought by International and National NGOs and by the United Nations…

The field of operation and the objectives of the role

The emergency projects concentrate on dangerous situations, in order to bring them back to normalacy. The DAC list indicates  country who have a real need due to natural disaster events, conflicts, epidemics or situations which leads to severe lack of even the basic essential needs for the population. These areas were hit by exceptional and unforeseeable causes which resulted in a situation of emergency.

The operating field is that of humanitarian aid, The Project Manager of Humanitarian Emergencies works in the field, planning, managing co-ordination, funding, monitoring and evaluation, management of human resources, in the wake of emergencies or humanitarian crises.

The Project Manager has overall responsibility for the project with specific responsibility:

 Supervises and guarantees the effective project implementation, in accordance to the work plan and timing.

  •  Co-ordinates the figure of the Logistician, the administrator responsible for finance, for human resources, with functions different from those of his own.
  • Manages the monitoring and the evaluation of projects through field missions.
  • Develops financial planning.
  •  Monitors the implementation of the programme budget aiming to intervene in cases of variance
  •  Maintains constant contact with the partners in order to achieve correct and efficacious project implementation.
  •  Develops the financial reports following the rules of the NGOs and donors.
  • Supervises the preparation of all documentation necessary for the financial and written report.
  • Develops proposals for modifying the budget for presentation to the donors
  • Analyzes risk and develops strategies to reduce this, so as to guarantee the pursuit of the project objectives
  •  Supports the development of project proposals for private and public donors, including the budget of the programmes.
  • Collaborates over the documentation version for eventual presentation of the project results in the International field.
  • Identifies “best practice” emerging from past experience during the project
  • Identifies and develops new project proposals in the area
  •  Establishes the public and institutional relations necessary for the good functioning of the project, and visibility of understanding with the co-ordinator of the programme
  •  Maintains relations with the local partners and co-operates with them to mobilize the beneficiary community
  • Manages the safety aspect
  •  Manages internal conflicts and bad behaviour, together with the other managerial staff
  • Works on capacity building and the professional growth of local staff

Pre-requisites for entry in the Masters Programme:

English level B2 and knowledge of a second language such as French, three year degree (subjects: health, economics, educational, management, and International politics) significant experience in the sector or similar fields, or specific professional planning and organisational ability, spirit of initiative experience (administrator, logistician…..), orientation on the result and on quality, , capable of good relations and inter personal relations, capable of working in a team, and attitude to collaboration, understanding of the value of cultural differences, strong ability for stress management and working under pressure, capable of rapid decision- making, context analytical ability.

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