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Gianfranco Marocchi

President of the National Consortium Idee in Rete

He was born in 1967 in Turin. He has a Degree in Political Science and a PhD in Sociology. During his university years, he started collaborating with a series of social cooperatives and in 1992, he was appointed President of a Social Cooperative (Type B) in Turin. Up to this day, he continues giving his contribution to this kind of cooperatives.

In 2003 he became President of the National Consortium Idee in Rete, a third level cooperative present in 15 Italian regions made up of 36 consortia, which themselves aggregate 500 cooperatives. He is a member of the National Presidency of Federsolidarietà Confcooperative, the major organization representing social cooperatives. He continues his economic and social research and publishes essays on social entrepreneurship, welfare and job policies and procedures. He is a Public Administration Consultant and collaborated with the City of Turin and the Regional Congress of Piedmont. He lives with his partner and daughter, four cats and several fish.

He feels lucky to work in a sector that is indeed difficult, demanding and challenging, but in line with his values and that gives him

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