#Working4HRM: HRM as Change facilitators

Maria Diricatti | HRM LAV  The change and role that HR professionals, are called to carry out, with confidence and courage is a change that I define as urgent, and that touches the organisations of any sector: moving the attention from the “to do...
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#Working4HRM – Creating Value. Starting from the Present

Federica Morra | HR Officer at CCM-Comitato Collaborazione Medica  Creating value. Working from the present situation and resources. Those became the two precious grounds I have always based my work on, in any working reality I found myself. It is not...
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#Working4HRM- Performance management (2) : the mutual understanding

Zeno Filippi| HRM Amnesty International| november 2016  In a psychiatric ward, during a guided tour, a visitor asks the Chief: “How do you know if a patient needs to be hospitalised?” “It is very easy- the Chief answers – we fill up a bath tub...
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Il Fatto Quotidiano Blog – Marco Crescenzi: Nonprofit- fundraising, communication and social campaigns professionals needed

Marco Crescenzi, on Il Fatto Quotidiano Blog: “The fundraising professions are the most sort for in the non profit sector today. A coherent solution for those who come from the “for profit” sector. The main problem is that for the sector,...
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#Working4HRM: Smart Working means team play

Gian Paolo Montini | CEO Peter Pan Onlus | 22nd November 2016 I am 52. For more than 30 years I have been committed in volunteering and after a management career in the “Profit” sector, about 11 years ago I professionally moved to the Non profit...
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#Working4HRM- Human resources in the non profit, which tools to meet new challenges?

Simona Rigoni | HRM Oxfam Italia | 27th  October 2016 Human resources are a strategic and yet an extremely complex function in all organisations, with an ability to make the difference both in and out of the organisation. In Italy, we do not reflect...
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#Working4HRM- The Humanitarian Sector between old and new boundaries: the emerging profiles

13th October 2016– Interview to Lodovico Mariani, Director of HOPE– Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistics in the field for the project #Working4HRM: 1-    What are the...
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#Working4HRM – Smart-working

Simone Sgueo|HRM Save the Children Italia|28 July 2016 One thing is certain: technology has completely permeated our way of living, and our way of working as well. It does not exist a job (or almost) that does not look for innovation, well it is true...
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