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Last days to request an Interview to enrol in our Masters – December 2018 Edition

International Masters December 2018, final deadline: December 21. You still have a few days to enrol in our International Masters and start building your future with Social Change School! You can schedule an appointment for the Admission and Evaluation...
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International Women’s Day and the strike in Madrid: we support it!

Social Change School supports the international strike in Madrid for Women’s Rights (and human intelligence!)   The Board and the staff of the Social Change School support the strike in Madrid and its Manifesto:  “No aceptamos estar sometidas...
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Arrest of the Head of Amnesty International Turkey – a commentary by M. Crescenzi

The arrest of the Head of Amnesty International Turkey, is a severe act and with a strong symbolic weight: it shouts that no one is safe anymore from the Turkish political system. However, de facto, it increases the reputation of the NGOs committed in...
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‘Social Change Leaders’: Farida Bena, Former OECD, OXFAM and International Rescue Committee, and Master PMC Director

The age we are living in is beyond any doubt one of complex and big changes; in order to understand today’s world, its transformations and problems, it’s important and necessary to have our eyes wide open, great perception and significant experience....
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Social Change Leaders: Sandro Calvani (Mae Fah Luang Foundation)

“The stars are not afraid to appear like fireflies.” (R. Tagore) There are only some men who, for their capacities and opportunities, can have a profound vision of the World and of its problems; amongst them, just a smaller amount, who also has the...
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‘The words that changed the world’: Martin Luther King Jr.

«So we must help time and realize that the time is always right to do right» (M. L. King, Jr.) These are affirmations that, notwithstanding their brevity or maybe because of it, they are able to change a man, to open his eyes and make him change his...
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EDITORIAL. While the West is ashamed, we are working

After what happened in Aleppo, I think that we are all ashamed, especially towards European and international institutions. This shame was expressed with maximum drama, from the field by Lucy Aarish, an Israelite-Arabian-Muslim in a video of great impact,...
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Let’s party Colombia

Sandro Calvani| 23 June 2016 Donde no hay bala hay baile… where there is no shooting, let’s party. A well-known Colombian saying so reminds of some essential point of Colombian culture. I learned it in the early 2000s, during the first days of...
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“European” Peacebuilding

Vittorio Villa| 2nd November 2015 Leaving for Nigeria is always very worrisome: safety is never completely guaranteed. Mainly in Jos, capital of the Plateau State, in the Middle Belt Region of the Country. It is not the North Country, headquarters of...
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