Il Fatto Quotidiano Blog – Marco Crescenzi: Nonprofit- fundraising, communication and social campaigns professionals needed

Marco Crescenzi, on Il Fatto Quotidiano Blog: “The fundraising professions are the most sort for in the non profit sector today. A coherent solution for those who come from the “for profit” sector. The main problem is that for the sector,...
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Blog4Change: People at the centre of humanitarian aid. Mission possible?

Farida Bena | 31 May 2016 The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit is over, with mixed results. For those, including me, who were hoping the discussion would tackle some of the root causes of humanitarian crises, like the lack of political solutions...
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Blog4Change: A change of humanism beyond imagination

Sandro Calvani| 17 Maggio 2016 We are not living an era of change, we are leaving a change of era. We are at the beginning of a Copernican revolution of minds, an unprecedented new paradigm of togetherness for the future of sustainable humankind. Thought-leaders...
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Working4HRM, the new project with the NGOs’ HRM

Marco Crescenzi| 12 April 2016 How is it possible that some of the most well-known and expert Italian NGOs, have an average of 30-40 annual vacancies ‘always on’ and that sometimes they are not able to start their projects because of a lack of staff...
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