PMC – Euro-Project Manager

SCS - Profiessional profile - Project-Programme Manager for Development

The profile is particularly sought by NGOs, major Associations, Consortium, Cooperatives, and Public Administration, both at a national and international level.

The field of operation and the objectives of the role.

The professional range of opportunities is very wide.

It ranges from the Non Profit Sector to Public Administration, from social to local development. The Euro Project Manager with relevant experience is usually a freelance specialized in a limited number of EU projects with a personal portfolio of partners & clients. He generally prefers to work in an EU and EU-Mediterranean context rather than in developing countries and he is hardly ever involved in projects dealing with cooperation such as social cooperation programs, social IT innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural programs. NGOs are particularly interested in this profile because it is “complete and versatile”

The person is based in one of the Western Countries; he manages/monitors, and evaluates foreign missions.
Often he has a career that follows these steps:
Technical Planner: he is a desk in the planning stages of a project; he does not manage the entire cycle of the project but he might manage partnerships.
Euro-Project Manager: he coordinates and reports on the project, he manages partnerships and institutional relations, the local staff- often by travelling on the field. He knows programs dealing with culture, social cooperation, social entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, lines of credit, and national and international donor agencies.

He is in charge of creating and tailoring the presentation of the project plan paying great attention to the formal aspects (documents and conformity), and to the content (innovativeness, expected impact, budget and coherent work package). He is the one who gives the guidelines of the project to the group.
He manages the entire cycle of the project according to the EU standards.
He decides the budget of the project.
He does the economic and financial reporting of the project.
He coordinates, manages and assesses projects.
He supports the capacity building of local partners and the staff.
He organizes Advocacy activities in order to increase the project’s impact.
He sets connections between development projects and processes through ex-post evaluations.
He manages the “Project Financing” and break-even point; he knows how to find private and public funds both a national and international level.
He manages the Business Model (Business Model Canvas) and the economic and financial Business Plan.
He manages the competitive strategies (financed planning, fundraising, marketing and sales).

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