• Field Experience

    Making a Project in the field with the Stakeholders.
  • Third Sector Scenario

    History. Classification. Introduction to Third Sector regulations. Scenarios. Aid Provision & Donors Trends.
  • Euro Project Management

    Euro Project Management on 2014-2020 programs. List and catalog EU tenders in line with one’s project.
  • Project Management, Monitoring

    Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework. Project Management and Monitoring Techniques.
  • Marketing and Communication

    Story Telling, Social Innovation and Social Media. How to write a Communnication plan. Digital Marketing.
  • Career Coaching

    Evaluation of the personal potential. Personal SWOT Analysis. Curriculum Vitae. How to apply for a vacancy. Admission Interview and Career...
  • Campaigning and Lobbying

    Writing and designing of Social Campaigns.  How to arise public opinion on a new project.
  • Advanced Project Management Techniques

    In this area the Advanced Project Management Techniques are analyzed and discussed: programming, identification, formulation, financing, implementation,...
  • Fundraising

    Start Up in Fundraising. Corporate & Partnership Management. Legacy Fundraising. Individual Donors. Digital & Community Fundraising.
  • Regulation and Legal Framework

    Regulations, Legal Framework, Scenario, Trends e Strategic Planning for Non Profit and for Social Change.
  • Project Financing and Crowdfunding

    Business Models, Financing, Finance management, Start Up.
  • Social Business & Social Innovation

    Business Models 2.0. Collaboration, Digital Innovation, Company Management. Social Innovation.
  • Development of Personal and Management Skills

    The “test on colors” by Herman. Time Management. Negotiation and Conflict Management. Public Speaking. Good Writing. Self-effectiveness...
  • Humanitarian Affairs Framework and Ethic

    General structure of humanitarian operations. Key stakeholders. History of humanitarian operations in emergencies. International law/policy....
  • Disaster Management

    Financial management of emergencies. Budgeting. Fundraising. Logistics. Managing aids and new tenders. Fleet management
  • Humanitarian Finance and Logistic

    Financial management of emergencies. Budgeting. Fundraising. Logistics. Managing aids and new tenders. Fleet management
  • Humanitarial Aid

    An overview of all the sectors in the Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Sector. Risk reduction and resilience.
  • Humanitarian Standards

    Sphere standards. Guidelines to make sure organizations working in humanitarian operations become more responsible and professional.
  • Working in Emergencies

    Leadership and people management. Personal and health security. Intercultural knowledge and awareness.
  • Communication in Emergency

    Coordinating communication among people involved in the on- filed operations and the imposrtance of reminding Media about the importance of...

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