Strategic Plan: a glance at the future

Francesca Sacchi| 28 January 2016

I became part of the staff of Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus when the NGO was undergoing some major changes.

With the appointment of a new director, the first step to ensure balance and synergy among staff members and to prepare for future challenges was to work on a Strategic Plan.

Every non -profit organization, just like any other company, should have a strategic plan stating values, strategies, mission, vision and objectives.

More precisely, the Strategic Plan of Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi is the result of a careful analysis:

  • Mission and Vision

International export of the Foundation’s know-how trying to highlight the competitive advantages and in the meantime to reduce disadvantages

  • Internal and External Factors

Hints about International Cooperation and Human Resources: the two most important assets for organizations operating in this sector and the outlining of the strategic positioning of the NGO.

  • Main Stake holders

Definition of the credentials, network, main partners and criteria for progression to partnership.

Deepening on the NGO’s activities which include a contribution to the activities of the local partner and a support in capacity building and sustainability. Visual contribution showing how an NGO can have a leverage effect on initiatives and donations.

  • Objectives

Strategies and objectives that will determine the NGO’s activities for the next 4 years: how to manage programs in foreign Countries, evaluation of Projects and Countries for a feasibility study.

  • Financial Plan

Identifying funding sources for cooperation (in Italy and abroad), financial revenues and expenses, financial estimates (in 4 years), organization chart.

In other words, it is an organizational model based on the enhancement of competences and human, technological and economic resources for international projects to complete the national offer.

Courage and commitment need to be supported by a specific a plan, a shared and common strategy for an organization to be successful.

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