Welcome to the Change Makers of December 2015 Edition!

A new edition of ASVI Social Change Masters has just started. The first day took place in a new location, Latte Creative, in Testaccio- Rome, on 13 December 2016.

A lot of people gathered to welcome the new generation of change makers. ASVI Social Change staff, Maria Carla Cardelli -Director of the Master in Fundraising; Stefano Oltolini – Director of the Master in Project Management, Alessio Di Carlo– Co-Director of the Master in Project Management and some representatives of ASVI Social Change partners attended the event to give their personal support.

Marco Crescenzi, President of ASVI Social Change, gave his opening speech and encouraged students to be open to the new and constantly changing scenarios of the Non Profit Sector, he also advised them to invest their energies and propositions in team work to start building their personal network within the sector.

What does ASVI Social Change expect from its students?

They should be determined and committed enough to create social change within the organizations they will work for; they should trust themselves as well as their colleagues and they should start this journey with commitment and enthusiasm. The biggest wish is to keep the curiosity for the ever changing scenarios, alive and keep an eye on the future.

Why did the students choose to enroll in a master with a blended formula instead of a free online course?

The new generation of change makers is not only looking for competences, skills and tools. ASVI Social Change students are searching for interpersonal relations; they are looking forward to challenge themselves both on an individual basis and in team; they want a course which gives them the chance to start building their own network within the Sector.

One of the most emotional moments happened when a former Fundraising student passed the baton to one of the new students, signing the beginning of a new generation of change makers.

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