First PMC Workshop: Third Sector Scenario and Trends

First PMC Workshop: Third Sector Scenario and Trends

Saturday the 21st of July, the cycle of workshops on THIRD SECTOR SCENARIO AND TRENDS was held in Rome and attended by our new fellows for the Master PMC – Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development. The workshop was held by Social Change School’s President Marco Crescenzi, whom had the chance to appreciate the proactivity and participation of this new group of Project Management students.

The fellows of this new Master Edition delved into topics about the history and Legal Framework of the Third SectorFirst PMC Workshop: Third Sector Scenario and Trends with the workshop “VEHICLES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: THE NONPROFIT SECTOR, HISTORY, REGULATION, ORGANIZATIONS”, and discussed about the paradigms and strategies that define the current scenario of the NonProfit world with the workshop “HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD? PARADIGMS, STRATEGIES, SOCIAL ACTIONS…SOCIAL CHANGE!”.

After an introduction on the history and different scenarios of the Third Sector in Europe and analysing its various frameworks, the lecturer and the fellows had a debate on the best and most appropriate “vehicles” to produce social impact through specific activities. After that, fellows thought about the steps to produce a real and practical social change, focusing on international trends of the NonProfit organizations, of course without forgetting about the trends that are interesting for major funders of the activities of such organizations and the opportunities that come from technologies and opportunities of innovation. The President invited fellows to share their opinions and ideas, analysing with them the data and statistics of the most important NGOs in the world and deducing their trends and strategies.

The objective of this workshop was to give students the ability to outline the general strategy the Third Sector and its organizations use to plan their activities and actions.

Fellows were very satisfied by the workshop, particularly liking “the debates, discussions, analyses and practical examples” shared during the day and “the professional approach and innovative point of view on the NonProfit, also from an intellectual perspective, very interesting and stimulating”.

It was an excellent starting point for this new Master PMC Edition, a fundamental base to start delving into the sector with awareness, now ready to focus on acquiring more technical and specific knowledge.

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