#Working4HRM: Smart Working means team play

Gian Paolo Montini | CEO Peter Pan Onlus | 22nd November 2016

I am 52. For more than 30 years I have been committed in volunteering and after a management career in the “Profit” sector, about 11 years ago I professionally moved to the Non profit sector.

Both in my previous experience than in the one in the Third Sector, I have always noticed that every successful story, had in its core, the Quality of a Relationship, what we call in fact, the RQ Factor.

The single ingredients are surely People that are motivated, technically skilled, with a character able to adapt quickly and to question themselves for growing and improving (soft skills), infrastructures and technologies. It is by amalgaming all those different elements, that we obtain a winning reality.

In order to achieve a Goal, we need a team play, that has to pass necessarily through every Person and through their Whole. For me, talking about Smart Working, means the capacity of interconnecting every element, allowing People to achieve together the best possible result.

The relationship in the job world is an essential paradigm, especially in the reality of the Civil Society. It is for this reason that the soft skills can give a measure of how much a Person is able to be part of a Team, and contribute to make it work. In addition, those capacities are mainly built and learned on the field, at different levels.

There are things in which I believe, and others that I don’t believe are effective and positive to the working environment of an organisation, above all if it produces goods and/or humanitarian services.

I do not believe in badges and  attendance registers. I do not believe in the 8 fixed hours each day in the office. I do not believe in authoritarian pyramidal hierarchies. I do not believe in the classicist role of the boss. I do not believe in set roles.

I believe in real meetings, without virtual means, as it is necessary to meet periodically all together and to share, above all without formalities.

I believe in the technology as an infrastructure, that allows to work everywhere, with everyone, at any time.

I believe in movement. We should not put visible or invisible walls to the creativity of the individuals and of the team, but only objectives and criteria (in particular ethical and normatives). Everything in our lives is constantly moving, just like our cells.

I believe in education and in silence. We need to give and give ourselves, often, spaces of personal elaboration and training, in order to grow and help others in a better way.

I believe in delegating, sometimes even in a not too defined way. Delegating surely does not have to look as a discharge, but not either as a rigid mansions list. It means to rely on someone, to trust someone.

I believe in People. This means that not all of us are adequate for all the teams.

One last consideration is about the work management in small and medium enterprises. In these contexts, the number of resources does not allow to invest into management and training. Therefore, it is necessary that the people responsible for those realities use the possibilities of the Network to create partnerships that give value and competences, essential for the sustainability and growth of the HRM.

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