Federica: ASVI Social Change, in tune with my needs

FOTO_ROSSIT_FEDERICAFederica Rossit, Event Manager at Fondazione Musica per Roma (Rome auditorium music foundation) and volunteer for AFRON Oncology, after her degree in MES – Master In Social Innovation, Social Business, Social Start up and Innovative Project Management, talks about the main aspects of her experience in ASVI Social Change.

“ASVI Social Change is a music going on until the right, new tune is found at the end of the experience with an innovative creation.

Contextualizing educational contents, I’ve been able to widen the range of my personal and professional skills by making them cross-competencies to fulfill new social and work objectives.

I gave new life to my passion for voluntary work by gaining knowledge and specific competencies in the third sector. Also generosity and love for a good cause need to be shaped before seeing their results.

I took new challenges studying a lot and facing new methods and technologies. Working hard, I sometimes gave up having a rest and I went on with my job and master. I shared my experience with my colleagues and constantly discussed with them, who taught me and inspired my reflections.

I did this with courage, humbleness and enthusiasm… And it worked! Now I’m planning a different contribution to AFRON while with ASVI Social Change network, other projects will be much developed”.

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