Master PMC travels to Lebanon: Field Experience with INTERSOS

Master PMC travels to Lebanon: Field Experience with INTERSOS

On Monday the 11th of September 2017, our students of PMC – Master in Project Management for International Cooperation, Euro-Project Management and Local Development started their Field Experience, effectively putting in practice all the knowledge they have acquired so far in the Master.

During the first week, a group of students started with a validation workshop, meeting many stakeholders, as the representatives of INTERSOSUNDPWorld BankUnion of Tyre Municipalities and other Lebanese associations. This group’s duty was to review INTERSOS’ call for proposal to the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, demonstrating their familiarity with Project Management and International Cooperation’s techniques and strategies.

The whole Field Experience took place in Beirut and Tyre, Lebanon, where our students also had the chance to visit the field and see from up close two of INTERSOS’ projects, having children and women as beneficiaries.

Field PMC- Lebanon

As reported by Cinzia D’Intino, the Head of Didacts: “All feedbacks from our stakeholders are extremely positive; they appreciate our methodology and the professionalism of the students”.

Now is the turn of the second group, who has started another extremely educational experience on Monday the 18th of September 2017, meeting with the Head of Mission in the Offices of INTERSOS
The objective of the second group is to contribute in writing a programme in the sector of protection, focusing on the issue of child labour. On Tuesday morning, the team of students has participated in a workshop with many stakeholders, like the staff of INTERSOS and other local associations, as well as international organizations like Terre des Hommes and Danish Refugee Council. The output of the workshop is divided in three parts: a problem-oriented analysisa logical framework and an impact map for the theory of change. The second group is going to visit the field too, focusing on two projects in Mount Lebanon.

With the words of Linda, one of our PMC students: “It was a very interesting experience. Today’s workshop was very interesting because we were able to work very closely with all the stakeholders that attended the workshop. We were able to identify strategies for the development of vulnerable children in Lebanon”.

The Field Experience was organized by Alessio Di CarloCo-Director of the Master In Project Management for International Cooperation, and Cinzia D’Intino, who worked extremely hard to provide students and stakeholders the best experience possible.

Expectations were high, but so far everybody seems to be completely satisfied with the experience.

Here is a statement from the President of Social Change School, Marco Crescenzi:

Master PMC and its students are arriving in Lebanon, in Beirut and Tiro, welcomed by our colleagues of INTERSOS to actually work on local projects. For me this is another ‘didactic’ dream come true. We had talked about it two years ago with INTERSOS, but some of the difficulties seemed impossible to overcome to our staff back then. An important change, a greater international disposition, for which I thank the Head of Didactics, Cinzia D’Intino, and the Master’s Co-Director, Alessio Di Carlo. Cinzia actually knows Lebanon and Beirut very well, having worked there in the past. I think this is a complex experience from an organizational point of view, it’s not only a ‘visit on the field’, but it’s an engaging experience of project design on the field with real stakeholders. An experience that required a great amount of work and preparation. A great added value for our students, in experience, professionalism and curriculum, even for those that have already been on the field. I am extremely happy; thank you so much to the staff, you are extraordinary, and good luck to the students!”


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